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This is a return address only. No counter service at this location.

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Hime (火目) and her cat Hineko (火猫) are the official OtakuFuel mascots. Please tag @otakufuel in your fan art of them on your preferred social media network. If you shop with me, please tag me in your unboxing photos @otakufuel #fuelforyourpassion

Why shop with OtakuFuel?

-OtakuFuel, Inc. is an AUTHORIZED DEALER for COPIC, IC, etc - so basically everything here is 100% legit.  Products purchased through sellers that are not an authorized dealer are not guaranteed and are not covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Since OtakuFuel is an authorized dealer of Copic and all other products offered you can shop with confidence that the products are backed up by the people that made them.  This means, if you manage to be lucky enough to get one of the rare defective products from Copic all you need to do is contact Copic about it and it will be handled 100%. For details on the process if you have any issues with a product, simply email [email protected] and I will help you make sure your issue is handled. 

-OtakuFuel is a small family business run by a woman. Most of the time it's just a one-woman show in fact! This means you're not only supporting a small business, but that you get to speak to a real human if you need any help, want something custom, need to do a last-minute add-on, are looking for something in particular, you name it! I try to make everything as easy as possible and I love to help make sure you get whatever you need to get your creative game on. By all means, reach out to me anytime, I love to help, and I take feedback to heart. I care, a lot.

-OtakuFuel has been the fuel for your passion (and mine) since 2007 - that is 15 years of doing this, I'm committed to serving the artistic community as much as possible. I LOVE YOU ALLLLL.

-I'm known for being quite FAST. Most orders are packed and shipped the same business day. If the USPS is open - guess who else is working! Yep, me!

-Customer rewards. Make sure you set up an account and are logged into it when you place your orders, and watch your points rack up. You can then use your points to get discounts and freebies. 

-99.999999% order accuracy. I know the products. I've been at this for over 15 years. I basically eat, sleep, and breathe markers. I bleed them from my veins at night. Okay, okay, kidding, but you get it, I live with and love these products from head to toe so you are very unlikely to have any issues with a shipment, but if I do somehow send you the wrong thing... just tell me right away and I will take care of it.

-I love to support the community by promoting and sponsoring artists that collaborate and do free tutorials on our YouTube channel @otakufuel where you can learn about beginner to advanced marker techniques or just some of the basics of drawing.

-Communication. Just because the sale is complete, does not mean our relationship has to be. Join the family and share your artwork with me on Instagram or Facebook or Tik Tok or Twitter, you get the idea always @otakufuel to reach me, I'll be there cheering you on. I'm here to help you grow and make your artistic dreams come true.

-Still have a question? Send a message via email or DM!